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We had a special visitor at Queensland Parliament this week! Local coffee roaster & producer Passport Specialty Coffee provided the much-needed caffeine hit for our Members and staff on Thursday morning.

Created in Brisbane’s northern suburb of Northgate, owner Aaron McKenzie treated us to a taste of their cold brew coffee range. From ready to drink coffee cans to cask cold brew concentrate blends, it’s a new way to enjoy your morning brew. Perfect for on the go ‘roadies’, or to have in the office mini-fridge.

Aaron brings decades of experience in specialty coffee from cafes to national roasting brands. The philosophy behind their coffee is value in every step. With the mission to make the best coffee, whilst keeping it simple. Start with high quality beans and expertly roast them to extract the flavours easily, then enjoy great coffee!

Aaron sets the gold standard of coffee beans with less than one percent of coffee beans grown in the world being of a high enough quality to be used in Passport’s range. The small batch philosophy behind this high quality also means that many beans are exclusive to Passport and unlike other beans used in the industry.  

In 2022, the team at Passport broadened their product range and collaborated with five local craft breweries to create five different coffee flavoured beers. One of which was a crowd favourite Easter White Chocolate Coffee Stout at Felons Brewing Co. With an exciting year ahead, Passport looks to branch into the Gin industry with a local gin distillery partnership to create a coffee flavoured gin. We can’t wait to try that next!  

The innovation and expertise behind Passport Speciality Coffee is second to none. Their plant-based Cold Brew Soft Serve Ice Cream boasts another winning product that can be enjoyed at their Roastery coffee bar in Brisbane’s north and selected wholesale retailers. Made on a plant-based soft serve powder and blended with cold brew concentrate and almond milk, the delicious vegan option is the perfect snack for a hot Queensland day. You can visit their coffee bar weekdays from 7-3pm and Saturday 7-12pm. Enjoy the full selection of their specialty coffees and experience the different flavours first hand.

Passport Specialty Coffee cold brew cans and casks will be available for sale in our Café and you can enjoy an expertly made iced latte with their cold brew concentrate from our coffee shop. Served with your selection of milk or straight up on ice!